Tumblr on Yahoo! Messenger


TumblrYM collects personal information such as username and password. Tumblr YM saves the password in an encrypted format that cannot be read by an ordinary human being. We're committed to provided maximum protection to your personal information. Please be assured that your personal information will never be shared with anyone. If you feel that your information have been compromised, please unregister from the service by sending the word "unreg" to the bot and all your details will be deleted. Please report the incident to us after or before you unregister.

How to

Tumblr YM

You can now post to Tumblr using Yahoo! Messenger.

Follow the simple instructions below to get started:

  • Add tumblrym@yahoo.com to your IM list.
  • Register by sending REG (Note: The password is saved in an encrypted format).
  • Start sending your Tumblr Posts!

How to Post to Tumblr

  • Regular - post regular | [Post Title] | [Post Body]
  • Photo - post photo | [Photo URL] | [Description of Photo]
  • Link - post link | [Link URL] | [Description]
  • Video - post video | [Video URL]
  • Quote - post quote | [Quote] | [Source of Quote]

Note: Please don’t forget to include the pipe “|”.

Example: post regular | This is a test title | This is a test body

Happy TumbleBlogging!